Opportunities for Course Design and Redesign for All Modalities

The Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) is pleased to share this year’s faculty opportunities for supported course design and redesign for all modalities (i.e., in-person, online, and hybrid).  

Program: Online Course Design & Development for Summer 2024 and Beyond

Quarter offered: Spring 

Schedule: Five hour-long cohort sessions and regular consultations with an instructional designer

Targeted courses: Asynchronous online summer courses that have the potential to help significant numbers of students make progress toward their degree. These include courses that are a major requirement, key for degree progress for incoming first-year or transfer students, a bottleneck course, or part of a pair or sequence of courses. 

Faculty Compensation: One course release (tenure track faculty) or one course equivalency (lecturers).

How to Participate: View the call and apply by December 11 (10:00 AM), 2023, using this form.

Read more about online course design and development 

Program: Project REAL — Redesigning for Equity & Advancing Learning

Quarter offered: Spring & Summer

Schedule: Weekly 2-hour sessions for nine weeks (Spring) OR biweekly 3-hour sessions for three weeks (Summer Session I)

Targeted courses: High-enrollment, high-equity-impact, sequential courses / teams of instructors

Faculty Compensation: 1/2 GSR (25% time) for senate faculty; partial appointment for lecturers with less than 100% academic year appointments (Spring) OR $5000 lump sum (Summer)

How to Participate: Apply using this form by February 16, 2024 for the Spring cohort, and by May 1, 2024 for the Summer one.

Link to more information

Program: Open-Access Courses on Coursera (MOOC)

Quarter offered: Ongoing

Theme: Social justice, racial justice, climate justice

Targeted courses: All course topics will be considered

Faculty Compensation: One course release or equivalency

How to Participate: View the call and apply by February 15, 2024, using this form.

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Annual Call for Proposals from UC Online

This call is currently open to support the development of online courses and projects focused on digital inclusion. For courses, awards are generously funded at up to $45K per course. Interested faculty are encouraged to work with their department chair, and are required to consult with the campus liaisons to UC Online. Submissions can be made through the linked form. UC Online’s deadline is January 12, 2024.

Ongoing consultations with instructional designers and education specialists are available if you are unable to attend one of the programs above and/or as a follow-up to participation in a program. 

Please contact tlc@ucsc.edu with any questions.