Barbara Rogoff

CITL Faculty Fellow (2017–18); CITL Senior Faculty Fellow (2018–19)

Barbara Rogoff is UC Santa Cruz Foundation Distinguished Professor of Psychology. She received the UC Santa Cruz Committee on Teaching Excellence in Teaching Award in 2000; the UCSC nomination for U.S. Professor of the Year in 200; and the Social Sciences Division Golden Apple Distinguished Teaching Award in 2005. As a CITL Faculty Fellow in 2017–18 and a Senior Faculty Fellow in 2018–19, she works together with faculty and graduate students from across campus to promote understanding of the strengths for learning from groups historically underserved in schooling (especially Latinx, African American, and Native American) and ways of disseminating such information via TED-like talks and brief video documents such as this 3-minute research video on the National Science Foundation’s site.

Last modified: Apr 13, 2023