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Grant Partnerships

Partnerships to Pursue Education Grant Opportunities

The TLC is available to partner with you to pursue education grant opportunities. If you have an idea that you’d like support in exploring, reach out to us for a consultation, and we’ll follow up to schedule an initial meeting.

Need help with the education component of your grant?

As pedagogy, curriculum, and learning assessment experts, the TLC is available to partner with you on grant proposals that contain an educational component. Our grant engagement ranges from minimal consultative involvement to leading specific project deliverables.

We can help you…

  • Design educational activities based on your professional goals and research interests
  • Collaborate on the project by providing professional development to support your education plan
  • Articulate goals of the educational activities
  • Explore the educational research literature to support your plan
  • Develop ways to document your teaching excellence to provide a holistic and representative picture of yourself as an educator
  • Design tools to assess student learning

If TLC personnel are being asked to serve as co-PIs or collaborators, please allow at least four weeks. Please allow at least two weeks to request a letter of support (copy of narrative required). We are happy to consult at any point in your grant proposal process. We do not provide services as external evaluators on program grants.

Keep in Mind

Educational components must be innovative and distinctive from the competition.

Include an assessment plan that allows you to add to the body of knowledge in higher education.

Consider teaching and assessment strategies that support equitable outcomes in student learning in your discipline.

Make your innovations replicable by others to show leadership in disciplinary teaching through activities such as: course development or redesign connected to your innovative research; and research lab mentoring improvements.

Last modified: May 12, 2023