Two people sitting outside the entrance to the new TLC offices in McHenry Library.


Our Mission

Created to both honor and renew the university’s longstanding tradition of outstanding teaching and bold educational experimentation, the Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) serves all members of the UCSC teaching community. The TLC uses research and equity-minded practices to strengthen the culture of teaching, promote student success and equitable outcomes, and support teacher-leaders at UC Santa Cruz, a thriving minority-serving research institution.

We collaborate with campus educators and other partners to inspire the exploration of innovative and accessible teaching practices and technologies that advance equity, foster deep learning, and increase student engagement.

Happening Now

Equity Data Playbook

A collaboration between CITL, Online Education, HSI Initiatives, and Institutional Research and Policy Studies (IRAPS), the Equity Data Playbook allows campus educators and departmental leaders to observe patterns in student outcomes data and take evidence-based actions to transform equity issues.

Spotlight on Teaching

Ana Pedroso on Group Work

Any instructor who has assigned group work to students knows that it can be a challenging format. Students resist. They complain. They worry. They engage in “social loafing.” But when group work works, it really works. Students come away from successful group activities with learning that is deeper, more meaningful, and more persistent. Ana Pedroso, a recent philosophy PhD graduate, wanted to use the power of group work in her Winter 2023 offering of Environmental Ethics (PHIL 28). She also needed help with the design of her group activities. So she joined a group herself.  

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The Teaching Newsletter

The Teaching Newsletter provides just in time resources and information you need for successful teaching and learning at UC Santa Cruz.