Giulia Gurun

CITL Faculty Fellow (2022-23); CITL Faculty Fellow (2021-22); Assistant Teaching Professor, MCD Biology; STEM Faculty Learning Program Facilitator (2019, 2018);

Giulia Gurun is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. Giulia’s teaching career began at a local community college, where she began to think deeply about what students need in order to be successful in their educational journey, and how faculty teaching practices can support their success. In her time at UCSC, Giulia has taught and developed various lecture and lab courses across the MCD Biology curriculum, while developing her expertise in evidence-based, equity-minded course design/redesign, and working on curriculum development projects. Giulia is a former STEM Leadership for Equity Faculty Fellow, as well as former participant in the inaugural Project REAL (Redesigning for Equity and Advanced Learning) cohort, targeting equity and performance gaps in human physiology (BIOL130). Giulia is also a former participant and facilitator of the CITL Transforming STEM Faculty Learning Program (FLP) and current steering committee member of the STEM Teaching and Learning Community (TLC). Giulia is passionate about partnering for, and contributing to, an equitable and inclusive culture of teaching and learning excellence that allows students to thrive in STEM here at UC Santa Cruz.

Last modified: Apr 18, 2023