Grant Whipple

TLC Faculty Fellow (2023-24); Assistant Teaching Professor, Art

Grant Whipple is an artist and educator whose studio practice focuses on porous borders, ecological emergencies, and technological innovations in the twenty-first century through the lens of drawing and painting. As an educator, he approaches drawing and painting not only as time-honored practices, but also as vital tools to navigate the complexities of the changing world. In the face of the fast-paced demands of digital technology and the attention economy, using our hands and eyes to represent the world allows students to engage in slow observation and ground their bodies in a dynamic sensory experience. At the upper and lower divisions, his approach to teaching equips students with the skills and visual sensitivity to make meaningful connections to their personal shifting landscapes. Born in Chicago, Whipple received his BA from DePauw University and an MFA from Michigan State University. He exhibits his work locally, nationally, and internationally and was recently selected for publication in Studio Visits Magazine.