Harikrishna Kuttivelil

Summer GSI Peer Support Team (2022, 2023); CITL Summer Fellow (2022); Graduate Pedagogy Fellow in Computer Science & Engineering (2022)

Harikrishna (Hari) Kuttivelil is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science & Engineering who has been learning and working in improving higher education for educators and learners, especially within STEM. As a former instructor for high-volume class and a past CITL Graduate Pedagogy Fellow, Hari has been leveraging his own teaching experiences (both positive and constructive) and his learned skills in his own department to restructure curriculums for engineering courses, provide workshops for graduate students entering teaching assistant positions, and push for more equitable, effective, and healthy teaching and learning practices. He is looking forward to working with incoming instructors in understanding the various course-related and situational challenges of teaching (specifically in STEM) and helping each other find solutions to those challenges.