Jennifer Lynn

CITL Faculty Fellow (2017–18)

Jennifer Lynn is a Lecturer in History and Literature and the Classical Studies Academic Advising Program Coordinator. In 2015, she received, with Charles Hedrick, a UC Online Education (UCOE) and Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI) Grant to develop an entirely new online-only course on “Scientific Vocabulary and the Roots of the Western Scientific Tradition.” In 2017, they received another grant from UCOE and ILTI to develop another entirely new online-only course on the “History of the English Language.” As a CITL Faculty Fellow, she planed to develop a trove of supplementary online resources for the instruction of Ancient Greek, including video lectures that review difficult topics presented in class, databases of quizzes that test student comprehension of morphology and syntax, and essays and films on Greek history and culture to supplement the study of the ancient Greek language.

Last modified: Apr 13, 2023