Jonathan Kahana

CITL/Arts Division Faculty Fellow (2017–18)

Jonathan Kahana is a Professor in the Department of Film & Digital Media, where he is also head of undergraduate critical studies. Before coming to UC Santa Cruz, he chaired a school-wide curriculum-and-instruction committee at Tisch/NYU. He also served as a co-P.I. on a Pennsylvania Department of Education teaching-with-technology grant, with colleagues at Bryn Mawr College (where he taught from 2000-05). As a CITL/Arts Division Faculty Fellow, his research addressed how scholarly discipline is formed, inculcated, practiced, and challenged in an undergraduate curriculum and in individual courses, particularly those at the foundational level of a program of study. His research is especially concerned with the problem of forming foundations and principles of learning and knowledge in a field whose foundations and aspirations are interdisciplinary.

Last modified: Apr 13, 2023