Lalitha Balachandran

Graduate Student Researcher; Summer GSI Peer Support Team (2023); Graduate Pedagogy Fellow in Linguistics (2022)

Lalitha Balachandran (she/her) is a fourth-year PhD student in Linguistics. Her research is in psycholinguistics, and broadly centers on the memory and attentional mechanisms that underlie sentence processing. She has experience in serving on teaching teams in Linguistics, and in designing and instructing the department’s graduate Pedagogy in Linguistics course, following completion of CITL’s Graduate Pedagogy Fellows program in 2022. She’s also had experience with course design on interdisciplinary topics, at the intersection of language science, cognitive psychology, and educational policy. In her own teaching, Lalitha is committed to implementing pedagogical practices that encourage long-term learning and integrate students’ lived experiences, particularly in the Social Sciences. She hopes to be a source of support for fellow grads, and to collaborate with and learn from them as they prepare to teach this summer.

Last modified: Apr 12, 2023