Lalu Esra Ozban


Lalu Esra Ozban (they/them/theirs) is a Ph.D. candidate in the Film+Digital Media department with a designated emphasis in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies and Feminist Studies. Their research-creation explores trans communities’ experiences of collective filmwatching, community-building, and sex work in adult movietheatres in Turkey while imagining practice-led Ph.D. (aka research-creation) as a trans/feminist research-archive-creation. Lalu has taught several film classes at Bilkent University and TED University in Turkey, has served as GSI for “Pedagogy in Film&Digital Media” for newly admitted graduate students, and as a teaching assistant across multiple departments at UCSC. As a learner and educator, Lalu believes in the power of liberatory pedagogical practices and looks forward to supporting their colleagues in developing their courses.