Roxanna Villalobos

Educational Specialist for Grad & Postdoc Development

Roxanna Villalobos joined the TLC in 2023 as an Educational Specialist focusing on Graduate
Student and Postdoc Development after receiving her Ph.D. in Sociology and Latin American
and Latino Studies from UC Santa Cruz. In this position, Roxanna develops and facilitates
research-based professional development programs, workshops, and resources focused on
equity-minded and inclusive teaching for graduate students and postdocs across all disciplines.
She leverages her expertise and passion in transnational and decolonial feminisms to work
collaboratively with graduate and postdoc instructors toward implementing student-centered
learning across our UCSC campus, a Hispanic-serving institution. Roxanna’s research focuses on
the intersections of racialized girlhood, mobility, and space/place as related to transitions into
adulthood via higher education for low-income Latinx rural youth, which she utilizes to create
pedagogical opportunities that are context-specific and culturally relevant to our undergraduate
and graduate student bodies.