Steve Coulter

TLC Faculty Fellow (2023-24); Continuing Lecturer, Writing Program

Steve Coulter has been teaching with the Writing Program since 2014 and has also taught College Core courses at John R. Lewis College and Crown College. He received an Excellence in Teaching, Honorable Mention from UCSC in 2018. His research in the Education Doctoral Program focused on teaching composition to first-year university students. He has recently published two papers, Cyborgs in the Panopticon and Resistance is futile: the Borg, the hive, and corporate hegemony. Previous to embarking on his academic career, he lived in Europe for twenty years, working as a Celtic harper, recording engineer, and concert producer. The past two summers, he has taught a 5-week writing course for the UCSC Writing Program in Dingle, Ireland, where he had lived for ten years.

Last modified: Jul 11, 2023