Sumita Jaggar

TLC Faculty Fellow (2023-24); Lecturer and Teacher Supervisor, Education; Monterey Bay Area Math Project (MBAMP) Co-Director

Hello! I’m Sumita Jaggar and I have the wonderful privilege of working with future math and science teachers. I’ve been working at UCSC since 2021 in the Masters + Credential program in the Education Department. I get excited about doing math and science with kids and adults alike — what a joy it is to observe people make sense of the world through math and science and share their new ideas and understandings with others. Before working at UCSC, I taught in Santa Cruz County middle schools (North and South county) — almost entirely with 8th graders. If you don’t have an 8th grader in your life, you should know that their openness and humor are infectious. I am interested in how students build understanding and how our assessment practices can both aid and inhibit that process. As a two-time graduate of UCSC (MS in Physics, MA + Credential in Education), and having experienced expert teaching and mentorship here, I experience daily satisfaction as I pay forward the guidance and instruction I recieved. In my free time, I enjoy creating Islamic Tiling patterns using traditional compass and straightedge as well as numerous other geometric art pursuits.

Last modified: Jul 05, 2023