Theresa Hice-Fromille

Teaching Week Fellow (2023); Summer GSI Peer Support Team (2021); Graduate Pedagogy Fellow in Sociology (2020)

Theresa Hice-Fromille is earning her Ph.D. in Sociology with designated emphases in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES) and Feminist Studies. Her transdisciplinary research focuses on Black youth racial identity and community-based roots travel initiatives. She designed and instructed a course within the UCSC CRES program for the Black Studies minor in Winter 2021 and is the current lead mentor for Pathways to Research. During the 2020-2021 academic year she hosted a pedagogy workshop series as the 2020 Sociology department CITL Graduate Pedagogy Fellow in which she highlighted learner-centered course design. She brought her passion for youth-led mentorship and learner-centered pedagogy to the CITL Peer Support Team, and has collaborated with other graduate student instructors to design innovative teaching practices that encourage critical student engagement and foster community-building.