Course-Level Equity Data


The “Getting to Know Your Students” dashboard provides information about the students enrolled in your current or upcoming course, using IRAPS data. You will see:

  • Aggregated student demographic information for your course
  • Information about how students, on aggregate, have performed in select prior UCSC courses
  • The most common courses students are taking along with your course

This information is available up to two weeks prior to the start of the quarter to help with planning and this window will vary based on when the preceding quarter’s grades were due

This dashboard is intended to facilitate a deeper understanding of the students enrolled in your course to help you design and deliver your course to better support all of your students.

Preview the Dashboard

Access the Dashboard

  1. Complete the brief, online UCSC FERPA training (about 20 minutes).
  2. Review the TLC companion guide about the dashboard.
  3. Complete the access form.

Please allow a week for access to the dashboard to be processed.

Last modified: Mar 20, 2024