Equity Data Playbook

Making Departmental Equity Actionable

The Equity Data Playbook is a Canvas course designed by the TLC, HSI Initiatives, and IRAPS to accompany the Departmental Equity Profile Dashboard at UC Santa Cruz. The Departmental Equity Profile Dashboard, developed by IRAPS to support the HSI Initiatives GANAS grant, provides a departmental snapshot of key metrics and undergraduate student success milestones, such as grades, major declaration, retention through an explicit equity lens.

The goal of both the dashboard and the playbook is to invite faculty and departments to observe patterns in student academic pathways and outcomes in order to empower actions to correct departmental equity issues.

The Equity Data Playbook aims to engage users in an inquiry process and to support dashboard users by providing technical guidance.

Access the Playbook

The Equity Data Playbook is set up so that UCSC faculty and staff can self-enroll using this link.

Once enrolled, you will have access to the entire course. If you have not previously used Canvas, you may encounter an error in the self-enrollment process. If you have any trouble accessing the playbook in Canvas, please let us know at tlc@ucsc.edu.

Access the Dashboard

The Departmental Equity Profile Dashboard is an IRAPS internal dashboard. Therefore, in order to explore the dashboard, you will first need to gain access to the internal dashboards by:

  1. Completing the brief, online UCSC FERPA training (about 20 minutes).
  2. Filling out the IRAPS Internal Dashboard Access Agreement.

Please allow a week for access to the dashboards to be processed. If you have any issues, contact iraps@ucsc.edu.

Additional Resources

Evidence-Based Strategies

If you don’t have the time to go through the entire Canvas course, explore this list of impactful, evidence-based strategies from the Playbook’s second Module to address inequities identified in the dashboard.

Departmental Historical Data

If you’re interested in consulting with the TLC about your departmental equity data and actions, request a Departmental Historical Analysis.

Other Dashboards

The Departmental Equity Profile Dashboard is one of many dashboards developed by IRAPS to help you answer equity questions. Explore the other dashboards here.

Request a Consultation

Last modified: Jul 19, 2023