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Course Design
& Delivery
Certificate Program

About the Program

Course Design & Delivery provides graduate student instructors (GSIs) with research-based frameworks and practices for designing and delivering equity-minded courses that center student learning. Currently, Course Design & Delivery is especially designed to support GSIs teaching courses in the Summer Sessions. The program is organized around two components: (1) a 2-credit course on Equitable Course Design in the Spring quarter, taught by TLC staff, and (2) structured, peer-led feedback, consultations, and teaching observations in Spring and Summer (before and during the teaching of Summer Session courses), provided by the Summer GSI Peer Support Team.

The program (the course and peer feedback) is organized around an interdisciplinary learning community that strives to apply the following core practices to their own teaching and course design:

  • Developing course outcomes for significant learning
  • Designing effective and accessible assessments that align with learning outcomes
  • Enacting equity-minded course policies and syllabus design
  • Understanding how learning works and utilizing active learning techniques in any course modality
  • Selecting accessibility-aware and trauma-informed instructional strategies

During the program, participating GSIs will craft and refine course materials including enhanced and holistic course learning outcomes, accessible course syllabi, equity-minded assessments, and lesson plans that put learning research into practice. The program also includes practice with selected learning technologies to support GSIs’ informed adoption of educational technology, no matter in which modality they are teaching.

The program includes individualized support from the TLC’s Peer Support Team, a group of graduate student educators who have completed the TLC’s professional development programs and who are committed to building community around accessible and equity-minded pedagogy. The members of this team also attend the Equitable Course Design sessions in the Spring quarter, provide tailored feedback on GSIs’ course materials, and serve as a resource in both Spring and Summer as program participants prepare and then teach their courses. Enrolled GSIs are asked to meet at least twice with their Peer Support person during Summer Session (or complete an equivalent, such as engaging in a peer observation of teaching) as a requirement of the certificate.

Upon completion of the Spring course and Summer consultations, graduate students receive a professional development certificate indicating their successful participation.

How to Participate

Enrollment for the 2024 program will open by Week 8 of Winter 2024. If you are a graduate student scheduled to teach a course in Summer 2024, please plan to enroll in GRAD 215: Equitable Course Design for GSIs.

The 2024 program includes enrollment in GRAD 215: Equitable Course Design, a 2-credit, synchronous online course with five class sessions during Spring 2024. Synchronous class sessions take place on Zoom every other Friday from 9:30 to 11:30 AM Pacific Time on the following schedule:

  • April 12 (Week 2)
  • April 26 (Week 4)
  • May 10 (Week 6)
  • May 24 (Week 8)
  • June 7 (Week 10)

In between these sessions, you’ll complete assignments directly relevant to the preparation of your Summer course (i.e. developing course materials) and submit them for recursive feedback and conversation.

The program continues in Summer 2024 with individualized support, teaching consultations, and teaching observations while you teach. This individualized support can be offered in person or remotely depending on your availability and preferences.

The program is limited to 30 enrolled GSIs, and is open to all disciplines. Priority enrollment is given to graduate students who are teaching as GSIs in the upcoming Summer Sessions.

Participants commit to: attending 5 interactive, virtual class sessions; crafting and refining select course materials, with feedback from their Peer Support person; peer-reviewing another participant’s course syllabus; and meeting at least twice (or equivalent) with their Peer Support person during Summer Session.

For additional information about the program, please contact

Last modified: Feb 23, 2024