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Summer GSI Peer
Support Team

About the Program

A collaboration between the TLC, Summer Session, and the Division of Undergraduate Education, the Summer GSI Peer Support Team provides additional support and resources for Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) teaching during the Summer Sessions.

The TLC’s Peer Support Team is a group of graduate students who have already participated in TLC professional development, are invested in accessible and equity-minded pedagogy, and are dedicated to supporting peer educators with effective peer mentoring practices. The team works together with TLC staff to create a teaching support network for Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) teaching Summer courses. While faculty members remain the primary supervisors of Summer GSIs, this program provides an additional resource for teaching support through a peer-centered teaching and learning community model.

The Peer Support Team is integrated into TLC’s graduate certificate program in Course Design & Delivery. In tandem with this program, the team provides ongoing, personalized support during the Spring when GSIs are refining their course materials while enrolled in GRAD 215: Equitable Course Design, and also throughout the Summer when GSIs are teaching their courses. These forms of support include: personalized feedback on course materials (including learning outcomes, course syllabi, assessment design, and lesson plans) and opportunities for consultations, resource-sharing, and non-evaluative peer observations of teaching.

Peer Support Team members are selected from a pool of graduate student applicants who have participated in longer-term professional development programs at the TLC. They cohere as a community, coordinated and mentored by TLC’s Director for Graduate Student & Postdoc Professional Development, and engage in professional development in effective peer mentoring practices.

Teaching consultations are also available for any Summer GSI who does not participate in the Course Design certificate program. Please refer to the consultations page to schedule an appointment.

How to Participate

The application period for the 2024 program is closed.

The 2024 Call for Applications provides information on program expectations and application requirements. The application period for the 2025 Peer Support Team will open in Winter 2025.

Graduate students who have completed TLC’s longer-term professional development programs (preferably Graduate Pedagogy Fellows or the Course Design certificate) are prioritized applicants for the Peer Support Team.

2024 Team Members

Photo of Sanya Cowal

Sanya Cowal

Environmental Studies

Photo of Marilia Kaisar

Marilia Kaisar

Film + Digital Media

Photo of Aïda Mukharesh

Aïda Mukharesh


Photo of Justine Parkin

Justine Parkin

History of Consciousness

Photo of Gagandeep Sachdeva

Gagandeep Sachdeva


Last modified: Apr 01, 2024