Lecturer Academic Review Template

A Resource for Chairs/Provosts

Pre-six Lecturer Academic Review template has been developed by TLC in consultation with the Academic Personnel Office. It is provided as an optional guide to assist Chairs/Provosts in the lecturer Academic Review process. This guide lists the criteria against which lecturer effectiveness is to be evaluated and gives reviewers a space to briefly comment on as many of the criteria as are relevant to the case. It may be used as a recommendation template, or as a prompt for, component of, or addendum to, a letter/narrative form.

To use this resource:

  • Access the View Only template. In the File menu, select Make a Copy to use Google Docs, or Download to save to your device for use with other applications.
  • Comment briefly on what evidence of effectiveness is attested in the materials submitted, as well as on areas where the candidate may not meet the standard of effectiveness. It is not necessary to complete all the boxes if the evidence does not appear in the file, and in some cases the overall standard of effectiveness may be deemed to be met even if it is not met in each one of the individual areas.  
  • Use the form below to request a consultation with TLC if you need more information about what constitutes effectiveness in a given area, or you are not sure which evidence to use to evaluate effectiveness.

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Last modified: Jul 19, 2023