A representative collection of materials that document one’s teaching effectiveness, a teaching portfolio captures one’s approaches to, and reflections on, their teaching in relation to student learning, with the goal of communicating one’s identity as an educator.

Teaching Portfolio Checklist

In addition to providing a list of resources on teaching portfolios, this site offers a comprehensive checklist for common components of a teaching portfolio.

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Writing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Directed at advanced graduate students, this article reviews a survey of search committee chairs in order to categorize key components of an effective teaching statement, and provides a rubric for composing and self-evaluating a teaching statement.

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Four Steps to a Memorable Teaching Philosophy

James M. Lang’s article addresses a common challenge for educators: “How do you write a statement of teaching philosophy that doesn’t sound exactly like everybody else’s?”

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Teaching Statement Guidelines and Tips

TLC provides a list of tips for developing a teaching statement, especially intended for early-career educators, with a focus on highlighting concrete evidence of student learning.

Teaching Statement Guidelines and Tips (PDF)