What is DesignPLUS?

DesignPLUS is a course design toolset for Canvas that makes it easy to create and style engaging content that is highly polished without requiring advanced technical skills or knowledge of HTML. DesignPLUS also has a Multi-Tool which can quickly build course modules.This DesignPLUS video provides a brief overview in just over 2 minutes.

What is DesignPLUS good for?

  • Stylized courses: courses have a consistent and polished look; Design and aesthetics have an impact on how users perceive information. Visual design impacts many aspects of the learning experience.
  • Reduce cognitive processing: present information in an intuitive and consistent, appealing manner so students focus attention on content rather than organization or style of the content
  • Enhancements to Canvas: a module progress bar, interactions like quick check, space-saving accordions or tabs, and modal items that pop-up information or definitions

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Last modified: Apr 22, 2023