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Teaching with
Digital Tools

Technology is essential to teaching and learning: it eases communication and collaboration across time and space; it provides students with new ways to participate in discussion and knowledge creation; and, when technology is applied to real-world contexts and problems, it makes learning more immediate and relevant.

The TLC specializes in integrating digital technologies into teaching and learning experiences. When we understand your learning goals for your students, we can help you find the right technology for your capacity; design meaningful technology-enhanced activities for your students; train you and your teaching team; design instructions for your students; and provide just-in-time technical support.

We’ve highlighted the tools we use most often below, and we encourage you to learn more about them or to reach out to us for a consultation on how we can help you align the use of technology with your pedagogical goals.


Cavas logo

Centralized space for course materials and assignments


Zoom logo

Video-conferencing for virtual classes and meetings 


YuJa logo

Store and share videos, add in-video quizzes

Lecture Capture

Cartoon of laptop

In-classroom lecture recordings


Gradescope logo

Flexible and efficient grading tool for in-person or digital assignments


Hypothesis logo

Social collaborative annotation for digital readings


Flip logo

Short and engaging video discussions

Google Suite

Google Suite logo

Collaborative documents, spreadsheets, slides and more


Design Plus logo

Course styling design tools to enhance Canvas courses

Accessibility Tools

Accessibility Tools logo

Converting digital materials and immersive reader

Last modified: Oct 17, 2023