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What is Flip?

Flip is a video discussion tool for engagement and community building. Instructors create a “Topic” (a video or text prompt) and share it with students, who can respond with video posts or other student videos. Video responses can be recorded as many times as needed before uploading, and can optionally include filters, stickers, text, drawings and more.

Flip is integrated with Canvas — you can use it in assignments and it can be used with SpeedGrader.

Note: Flip was previously known as Flipgrid.

What is Flip good for?

  • Flip can help foster community in your course — students can engage with their classmates beyond regular class hours
  • Students can articulate their ideas with planned responses; this can reduce the pressure of answering in class or on the spot since students can re-record responses
  • Enlivens a Canvas course with informal discussion; students engage with each other with video replies instead of typical text-based responses like Canvas Discussions
  • Students can be creative with recording video by including optional filters, stickers, drawings, etc.
Watch: 4 Ways to use Flip in your classroom (6:42 minutes)

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