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What is Google Suite?

Google Suite is a cloud-based platform that allows users to easily share files and work collaboratively. This free and accessible tool is available to all UCSC students, faculty, and staff.

The full Google suite includes:

  • Google Drive: upload, organize, store or share files, images or video
  • Google Docs: word processing application, similar to Word
  • Google Sheets: spreadsheet application, similar to Excel
  • Google Slides: presentation application, similar to PowerPoint
  • Google Forms: simplistic form-building application for online surveys
  • Google Sites: versatile website building tool with easy-to-build polished webpages or  developed sites, no coding required
  • Google Jamboard: digital whiteboard application for brainstorming with sticky notes and other annotation tools

What is Google Suite good for?

  • Flexible for any modality: students can work together synchronously or asynchronously on collaborative notes or papers, making it an ideal tool for group projects or assignments.
  • Live updates in files: One of the key benefits of any Google suite file is live updates, so changes you make to Docs like your syllabus are automatically updated and instantly viewable by students.
  • As a Canvas resource or assignment: any Google Drive file can be easily added or embedded into Canvas, providing direct access for students. Google Drive files can be used for a special type of Canvas assignment called “Google Doc Cloud Assignment”; think of it as digitally giving students a copy of a worksheet that they can answer and submit back directly in Canvas. This assignment type is great for worksheets, templated notes and more, avoids the dreaded “Request Access” issue, and it can be previewed in SpeedGrader.
  • Compatible with other file types: Google Drive is also compatible with traditional Microsoft Office file (.docx, .xlsx, or .pptx) making it a versatile and accessible tool for a wide range of users across any device or operating system.

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Last modified: Apr 26, 2023