Lecture Capture

What is Lecture Capture?

Lecture Capture service enables instructors to easily schedule and record classes in a general assignment classroom for a specific academic term; Lecture Capture is only enabled upon request. It captures any source that passes through the powered-on Classroom Media System in any “lecture capture-equipped” general assignment classroom on the UCSC campus, including installed computers, laptop computers connected to the system, document camera, video sources (DVD), wired microphone. The recordings are automatically uploaded to YuJa.
Note: Lecture Capture was formerly known as Webcast.

What is Lecture Capture good for?

Lecture recordings can offer students a high degree of flexibility in their learning. They can watch or rewatch course content at their own pace, clarifying information they may not have understood during the live lecture or revisiting material before an assessment. This flexibility is not only useful for students who may struggle with the pace of the live lecture, but also for those who are unable to attend class in person due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Last modified: Aug 31, 2023